The School of Oceanography (SOO) is a joint entity between Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO) at the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). SJTU established the Institute of Oceanography (IOO) in 2013 for research and graduate studies in ocean science and technology. Within five years, IOO developed PhD and MS degree programs in ocean science. To broaden impacts on education, research and service, SOO was founded in 2018 jointly by SJTU and SIO, and started to recruit undergraduate students in ocean science and technology since 2019.

SOO conducts education and research in areas of physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanography and ocean technologies. The mission is to explore phenomena and processes of marine environment, ecology, life and climate change, to develop sensor and platform technologies for ocean observations and analyses, and to study strategies and policies related to marine environment, ecosystems, resource protection and sustainability.

As a joint school, SOO takes advantage of the resources and the strengths of both SJTU and SIO to conduct disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education, research and service, and to promote creativity and innovation for solving global challenges.

SOO has a global vision based on international collaborations in both research, education and servince, carrying out a number of international collaborative research projects with institutions around the world, participating in cruises, organizing international conferences and workshops, and recruiting international students in both undergraduate and graduate studies, and international scientists in both marine sciences and technologies. SOO has been established in excellence among national and international ocean research and education communities.


July 2013, the IOO was established in SJTU;

March 2018, the master's degree program in marine Science was approved by the Ministry of Education (ME);

August 2018, a Cooperative Agreement for founding SOO was signed by SJTU and SIO;

October 2018, SOO was officially announced;

December 2018, the Labor Union was formed and union leaders were elected;

May 2019, the doctoral degree in marine science was approved by ME;

March 2020, the undergraduate major in marine science was approved by ME.

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