Academic Forum | The Second Shanghai Ocean Conference (SHOC)

Shanghai Ocean Conference (SHOC) is hosted by the School of Oceanography (SOO), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The meeting is a forum for scientists and researchers from the world to communicate scientific ideas and to seek research collaborations. The first SHOC– “Ocean Environment and Climate Interaction” held in June 2019 brought together more than 40 domestic and international scientists to discuss interactions between marine environment and climate change.

In June 2020, the SOO will hold the second SHOC–“Ocean-Atmospheric Interactions at Mid-High Latitudes and their Climate Effects.” We would like to invite scientists and students, especially early-career scientists, to join the meeting. The topics include climate change, earth system, and biogeochemical processes at mid-high latitudes. Let’s work together for a transparent and sustainable ocean!

1. Featured theme: Ocean-Atmospheric processes at mid-latitudes and their climate effects

Changes of earth spheres and interactions between them at mid-latitude regions are critically important for global mass and energy transports and global climate. Associations with and feedbacks between mid-high latitudes and tropics are built through ocean circulations, atmospheric teleconnections, and biogeochemical processes, impacting global climate and ecological environment. The second SHOC focuses on ocean-atmospheric processes at the mid-high latitudes and their climate effects, as one of the research focuses at the SOO.

2. Arrangements

Time: June 21-22,2020

Conference Venue: The meeting will be held both online and on-site.

·Online: ZOOM web conference

·On-site: Hengshan Hotel, Shanghai (TBD)

3. Agenda

JUN 21


Forum for Invited Speakers


Forum for Oral Presentations
& Panel Discussions

JUN 22

All day

Forum for Early-Career Scientists

4. Contacts

A) Forum for Invited Speakers

Hailong Liu

Jingjing Chen

B) Forum for Early-Career Scientists

Guyun Sun

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