Evolution and fate of Pacific Summer Water in the western Arctic
发布日期: 2021/12/13







Pacific Summer Water (PSW) plays a critical role in the ecosystem of the western Arctic Ocean, impacting sea-ice melt and providing freshwater to the basin. Most of the water exits the Chukchi Sea shelf through Barrow Canyon, but the manner in which this occurs and the ultimate fate of the water remain uncertain. Using an extensive collection of historical hydrographic and velocity data, we demonstrate how the PSW outflow depends on different wind conditions, dictating whether the warm water progresses eastward or westward away from the canyon. The current carrying the water westward along the continental slope splits into different branches, influenced by the strength and extent of the Beaufort Gyre, while the eastward penetration of PSW along the shelfbreak is limited. Our results provide the first broad-scale view of how PSW is transferred from the shelf to the basin, highlighting the role of winds, boundary currents, and eddy exchange.


Dr. Peigen Lin received a Bachelor’s degree in Marine technology from Tianjin University of Science and Technology and his Ph.D. degree in Physical Oceanography from Xiamen University. He has been working as a Postdoctoral Investigator (recently became a Research Associate) at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution since 2017, mainly focusing on the water mass evolution and circulation in the western Arctic and North Atlantic, and the implications for the biological processes.

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