Towards a better understanding on the river-ocean interaction over a tidal continental shelf
发布日期: 2018/04/02

报告人:Hui Wu, Associate Professor, State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University

时间:9:30-10:30 Thursday 12/04/2018

地点:IOO Meeting Room, Xuhui Campus


Large rivers, such as the Amazon, Mississippi, and Changjiang, export tremendous terrestrial materials in to the adjacent water body. Expansion of the riverine water, i.e. the river plume, affects the physical properties and nutrients compositions in the receiving waters. Conventional wisdoms have successfully addressed the fundamental dynamic processes of a river plume in a non-tidal coastal water body. Yet, due to the theoretical difficulty, river plume extension in a tidal coastal water, which is more realistic, remains poorly explored. Here in this talk I will present our series of works on the Changjiang River plume extension in the energetic Yellow and East China Seas. These studies include the fundamental characteristics of the Changjiang River plume, new methods dealing with numerical and observational issues, and new understandings on the fate of Changjiang-derived materials, as influenced by the tidal forcing. Two new advances will be focused specifically: an updated understanding on the source-sink relationship between the Changjiang River Estuary and Subei Coastal Water, and the substantial impacts of mega estuarine construction on the plume extension in the far field.

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